Fail fast to learn fast. Be willing to fail time and time again to get your bearings, move forward and learn. Successful people understand that the best way to understand and get good at it is to fail and fail again. They are willing to fail as quickly and as often as possible to get it out of the way. Instead of studying, preparing and delaying to avoid making mistakes they find ways to immediately take action, create or do something even though they know their efforts will fall short of perfection. If you want to succeed you must first be bad at it. Learn from a fail first attitude.

Be a beginner not an expert.  No one ever dies from saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing.  It experiences new opportunities for growth.  If you approach all activities as a measure of your intelligence then your attitude will limit you.  Your actions will show either how you’re competent or not.  If your expectations are to try something, there will always be something positive to take home from the experience.  Emphasising effort gives you a variable you can control and control of your success.  Emphasising natural intelligence provides no good recipe for a failure.  The way you approach challenges can have a tremendous impact on your performance.  View challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow and you  will perform better.  You will enjoy yourself more and find ways to gain from the experience.  Take the mindset of a beginner when trying something you aren’t sure of.  Try things like a beginner and be eager to learn.  Focus on learning, not how well you can perform and expect to make mistakes.

The worst lecturer in the universe.   An instructor who was just starting out as a professor always wanted to teach but she was nervous about lecturing and had a tendency to giggle when anxious.  Students said she was the worst lecturer in the universe.  But she saw this as an opportunity to get better.  She prepared and worked to address the problems she had in the past.  Because of her earlier issues with lecturing, she went on to be one of the best instructors and lecturers in her field.  

Redefining failure.  Failure equals you need to learn more, or discovering you need to work harder.  Failure is what you make of it even though it’s still no fun to fail.  It is going to make you feel bad but consider the alternative of never discovering your unrecognized talents or to learn something new.  When you fail at something that’s important to you, acknowledge you did your best and move beyond it.  Learn from that experience and take the next positive step forward.  If you want to excel you will have to work harder.  

Failing forward.  Use your fear of failure to explore new things.  Identify your fear and find something you would like to try but hesitated to try.  Reverse your thinking – come up with a way you can fail at it right away.  Do it anyway and give it a try and ask others for help.  Fail forward and learn and discover what you need to know.  Find the next challenge.  Be curious.  We keep doing new things as we are curious and it can lead us down new paths.  Don’t talk yourself out of life.  Life is so complex it is often impossible to know how things will unfold.  Experiment with new possibilities.

Act on your five keyscuriosity.  Doing so will expose you to new experiences, places and people.  People miss out on opportunities because they aren’t looking for them or they don’t act on them.  Trust your curiosity and allow it to propel you into action.  Follow your nose to do the impossible.  Those who expose themselves to a wide variety of experiences could lead them to unexpected outcomes.  Acting on your curiosity can lead to outcomes you would never have imagined.  Follow your passion even when you’re unclear where it will lead you.

Five keys to curiosity.  Many people are talked out of their curiosity.  But consider that curiosity keeps you aware and allows you to recognize there are more opportunities which you could benefit from.  Curiosity has an expiration date and many avoid acting immediately, which can lead to an opportunity no longer being available.  Curiosity provides the energy to change and grow.  It helps you learn
quickly and shows you the fastest way to explore things.  Curiosity gets things moving and provides a first step to get things moving.  Or make it a fun to try list.  Pick something you’ve always wanted to try and take steps to do it.  

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