Map your luck. Innovation is related to change rather than doing the same thing and routine. Reflect on the last month and where you spent your time and what opportunities you engaged in. Come up with fun new things to explore and do a new activity or experience.

Overcome analysis paralysis. Each indecision brings its lost day. Too much thinking can stop you in your tracks. When faced with too many choices we get too confused and chose the most familiar option even if better options are available. When people are presented with a delay in making a decision it becomes overvalued and results in poorer decisions. Making decisions can zap away energy. Unnecessary thinking and analysis can stop you in your tracks and the more time spent making decisions the more hesitant and confused you will be. Don’t over think decisions or you will have less energy to persevere in facing the challenge. If you want to be a doer it is essential you not deplete your confidence and energy by over thinking your opportunities.

Shrink the decision. When deciding a potential course of action it’s best to think things through carefully before taking action. An exhaustive analysis can be more costly than need be. Ask yourself are you intrigued enough to do the job. Avoid getting bogged down and determine a simple, low cost step to take. When faced with a tough decision, like accepting a new job, find a step to allow you to find more information and broaden your perspective. Ask yourself a question and try to simplify your answer if you would you be willing to do this.

Say yes to opportunity. Situations in life often permit no delay. When we cannot determine the course which is best we must follow the one which is probably the best. When choosing whether to do something or not, they will often compare the pro’s and con’s of taking action. We are hardwired to have a negativity bias. We are better at identifying risks then identifying opportunities and place a higher premium on potential losses than gains. As a result, it is much easier to say no to actions than to say yes. Unexpected opportunities are unanticipated so you have no real opinion. Consider the cost of saying no. When weighing the pro’s and con’s of taking an action, what happens when you say no. You must think about how it will feel to never try an opportunity.

Focus on the main task at hand. The best option is making a commitment – schedule the appointment, a hotel, reservation or have guests over, etc. This provides a specific date and time to complete the task. Failure is often the key to success. The more you fail the more you will learn. If there is something you know you want to do, take a simple step to get things rolling.

Stop resisting and start living. Most people have good ideas but few act on them. It always seems like it’s until, until before we will take action. It seems it takes some major event in our lives before we begin living. The resistance voice comes out that says don’t do it. Resistance tends to be the most powerful and persuasive thing in your mind when facing significant changes in your life. Your resistance exaggerates dangers and downplays positive possibilities. It thwarts your efforts for what’s meaningful. Are you an entrepreneur that never starts a business. Resistance can prevent you from doing your work or goals. “Resistance is always full of shit.” In these times, you are unlikely to face life-threatening risks by trying something new. When you take action you get things done and spend time on things that matter. When you resist you feel disheartened when your life’s on hold. When you take action you wake up excited to be doing what you want to do. Your confidence grows when you take action. Don’t let your negative feelings hold you back from taking chances.

People tend to repeat patterns of behavior they used in the past. Over time these behaviors become unconscious goals. Move your mood by doing something different than your usual action. It helps you become aware of changes. If you wait until you are free of anxiety and doubt you will waste a lot of time doing nothing. We do incredible things every day without thinking about them. Don’t let your temporary negative feelings keep you from taking chances and trying new things. Feeling fear is often a good thing and a sign you are moving into uncharted territories that will stretch you and bring personal growth. Next time you are about to talk yourself out of doing something because you aren’t feeling up to the task, do it anyway. Like exercising after work, you’re too tired to do it so go to the gym so you feel more energetic. Move your mood. If you find yourself in the middle of a project, keep chipping away and your energy will kick back in. Get engaged in your work and keep plugging away. You will be more happy and successful if you learn to stick with the things that are most important to you.

procastinationOvercome procrastination, especially if you have a water leak. Many of us have important work to do but we just can’t bring ourselves to get going. We come up with action plans and then it fails and we just postpone things for another day. Procrastination is the hidden killer of dreams and will definitely aggravate your local plumber. Develop the do it today habit like I did last week when I call the guy from We all have busy lives and there’s no shortage of tasks to do. Our resistance loves to remind us of our various obligations in order to keep us from doing what we should be doing. Overcome procrastination and enjoy guilt-free play. Think small and aim for a period of time to stay on task to complete quality work. Become engaged each day in your significant work. Turn someday into today. Make a list of tasks you haven’t found the time or motivation to complete and identify a way to get started. If you want to start losing weight, go on a walk over your lunch hour. Create a plan that will motivate you to get to the task.

It takes a community. Professionals build networks to help them with their careers. Teamwork is needed in the entrepreneurial world. Successful people is founded on the help of friends, mentors or family. There is no more powerful way to enrich your life and encounter the unknown than having meaningful relationships with a wide range of people. Reach out to new people and strengthen your ties with those you already know. Surround yourself with role models. Keep away from small people who belittle your goals. People around you shape the actions you take and it sometimes only takes that one person to support you. Social influence on obesity, for example, is it can be contagious. If a friend is obese, it increases your chance of obesity by over fifty percent. You change your idea of a body type by those people around you and they can shape your lives. Social influence in your life is both what you do and what you perceive to be possible. Surround yourself with dynamic and proactive people and you will be positive and proactive as well.

Social interactions can lead to successful opportunities. There are many benefits to social interactions. Inventive ideas often result from interactions outside the business. In childhood and early adulthood most of us interact with a wide variety of people. When we age we spend more time with people who are more like us. If your social community isn’t very diverse you can open up the possibilities in your life by getting to know those who are different than who you normally socialize with. Be curious and open to being surprised and let them know you value their perspective.

Sustain contact. Amidst the business of our lives we don’t spend the necessary time sustaining relationships. Many of our friends we lose touch with or speak to them only once a year. Reach out to them on a regular basis. Once it becomes a habit, it will be easier and those contacts will contribute to your life. Seek out a friend or colleague to support you.

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