A great way to meet someone new is to become a teacher. Sharing your expertise provides an opportunity to share your strengths and help others to grow. Attend a conference or workshop or class. It provides a great opportunity to meet others and learn new information. Schedule coffee or lunch times to socialize with old friends or meet successwith colleagues. Successful people realize the importance of introductions. It’s a simple thing to do but helpful to others. Follow through. Maybe you’ve met someone you like but never followed through to them. Make an effort to follow through.

Introverts. Introverts should have low expectations as they find interactions with unknown people as stressful. Anticipate having a good conversation. Never make a cold call to someone you just met without such a discussion. Making contact with someone out of the blue is uncomfortable for them. If you are attempting to make contact, don’t give up, but don’t try more than three times by calling, emailing or letter if they don’t get back to you. Successful people are usually busy. Pat yourself on the back and move on when dealing with rejection. Don’t let the sting of rejection stop you as there are plenty of other people to meet. And it’s okay to say no if you meet someone and you don’t hit it off. It’s okay to say no if you don’t feel like continuing a relationship. Don’t get sucked into a bad relationship. Meeting people is all about practice and the more people you meet the more you will get in the habit and feel less uncomfortable and awkward. Be yourself and enjoy others rather than worrying about entertaining them.

Fail more to live more. This book was written with the hope that it would help people lead more fulfilling lives, pursue what they enjoy, engage in meaningful work and embrace new experiences and the unknown. This approach provides a simple way to transform your life through small immediate actions. Embrace failure rather than resist it as every moment provides an opportunity to learn, grow, get involved, create and feel connected. Have fun failing. The more you fail the more you’ll live and desire a wonderful life.

Remember the fun factor by doing what you love. Capitalize on unexpected opportunities. Set aside time for pleasure. Do it badly as fast as you can. Successful people have a knack for performing poorly and seek out opportunities to face the limits of their skills and knowledge to encounter the unknown and learn. Find something you have been meaning to do and do it right away. Break from your routine and you will encounter new opportunities and new ideas when you’re doing new things. Step out of your usual habits and thinking patterns to experience new possibilities. Successful people have a lean approach to planning. They take small steps without the need for a long-term commitment. Focus on what you can do today and take a small immediate step to your goal. Do it anyway as it’s natural to feel uncertain and unmotivated or fearful with new challenges but fear shouldn’t stop you. Do it without thinking about your abilities. Get out there and fail as quickly as you can. And then fail again.

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